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It is a turbine Multi-jet Super dry water meter for residential application in sizes 15 mm to 50 mm for cold meter.

Technical Features:

  • Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance
  • Magnetic shield, for external magnetic field protection
  • Sealed dry dial register ( Hermetically Sealed ) ensures clear reading
  • Inbuilt Strainer.
  • External Regulating Device
  • Can be equipped with reed switch for AMR Compatibility.
  • Can be manufactured with inbuilt Non Return Valve

Working Conditions:

Water temperature : T50 or T30

Water pressure : < 1.6 MPa

Standard Compliance:

ISO 4064:2005 , R=80.

MID Approved , CE Mark.

Dimensions & Weight:

1. "L1" is the total lenght when coupling gaskets without compression.

2. The weight is only for reference.

Flow Rate Data :

Main Technical Data (ISO 4064:2005 R=80)

Maximum Permissible Error

In the lower zone from Q1 inclusive up to but excluding Q2 is ±5%

In the upper zone from Q2 inclusive up to and including Q4 is ±2%